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With Playtomic you have the possibility to create private matches with friends, make them public to find partners or search for active matches to join.
With our player level estimation system, you always play knowing your level and that of your opponents, enjoying competitive matches that will make you improve faster.
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Whether with friends or strangers, play whenever you want and be part of Playtomic, the world's largest ever-growing community of racket sports players.
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Miguel Ángel R
With Playtomic I have a great selection of courts and it's super easy to book, it takes three steps and I can do it anytime
Marta B
It's been my best discovery. It's quick and the payment is safe. I love finding available courts in my area!
Quick and easy!
Miguel Ángel N
An app to find and instantly book available football pitches nearby at any time. A must for football teams and players. Highly recommended!
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With whoever you want
Synchronise your contact list, search manually or find players of your level to play with near you, thanks to personalised suggestions based on your location.
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What is Playtomic?

Playtomic is the largest and fastest-growing community of racket sport players in the world. It is made by and for you because we want you to be part of it.

Every time you think about your favourite racket sport, you will know that you only have to worry about playing the game as Playtomic will take care of everything else. What happens during your match is just as important as the before and after, which is why we focus on helping you enjoy it from the beginning until the end.

Playtomic is the place where players, clubs, professionals, teachers, sponsors, in short, all racket fans get together to enjoy our favourite sport, sharing the court, experiences, learning and above all, community.

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'The largest and fastest-growing community of Padel and Tennis players in the world'
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