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How do tournaments work in Playtomic?

In the tournaments section we will show you a wide range of Padel, Tennis and Football tournaments in Europe. Is very easy. First, select the tournament that best matches what you are looking for. You can choose according to several criteria: location, date and price of the activity. In addition, you can try to win important prizes in several of the tournaments that we offer. Among them, quality Padel rackets and other fun and useful accessories.

All Madrid Padel tournaments or American pits you find in this section of Playtomic sports activities have the guarantee of each sports center or the professionalism of its organizers like Padelvip. What are you waiting for, start playing!

What is an American well and how it works

One of the most interesting activities offered by Playtomic is the American well. It is an ideal padel tournament where an individual player can compete against others and meet new people of the same level. In the practice of American padel tournaments, each player plays with and against all his team mates. Multiple crosses are made and continuously rotated to offer a very dynamic type of tournament aimed to meet people. During the well activity, one plays with dozens of different players.

An example of an American well tournament would be the following. The player will face 8 players (all of them are playing at every moment) and two simultaneous games are played. Then the couples are changed and so on. No pause.

Other tournaments you can enjoy with Playtomic

In this section you'll find tournaments and events centered around the paddle world. But at Playtomic we greatly expand our focus to other sports. With us you can reserve and enjoy the best tennis and the best soccer activities. And in most cases, in each club where you book an activity, you will be able to enjoy added services like gym, physiotherapy or cafeteria.

Our fundamental idea is to offer physical and sporting activities for those padel, tennis and football players who do not yet have a partners or teams and want to find an activity in their city, in which to participate.